How do I become a Counselor?

To become a Counselor you must be 18 years or older, have a Hi Counselor account, and a valid work experience and email address. Get started here (direct to become a counselor).

What are the key benefits of becoming a Counselor?

Hi Counselor is a way for you to share your expertise by helping job seekers to land their dream job. Aside from helping others, becoming a Counselor can help support your company's hiring efforts, expand your network and earn you extra income. Hi Counselor has flexible scheduling so you can lead engagements when it's the most convenient for you. You can also decline any requests you receive so you have full control over when and who you speak with.

How can I get more bookings?

Start by building a great profile that helps job seekers understand what makes you qualified to help them land their dream job. Be sure to describe the benefits they can expect to gain from an engagement with you and as much professional background information as possible. If you keep you profile unanonymous, be sure to upload a picture and even more detailed information including where you grew up, where you went to school, or even what your favorite food is. All this can help Job Seekers relate and connect with you.

As a Counselor, am I an official representative of my company?

No. As a counselor on the platform, you are not an official representative of your company. Your role is more akin to a part-time career coach and you should only accept engagements when it's the most convenient for you and does not interfere with your full time job.

If I decide to discontinue offering services, how can I be removed from the platform?

If you no longer want to participate or be part of the Hi Counselor platform, please email us at support@hicounselor.com and we’ll delete your profile within 24 hours.

How are rates determined?

As a Counselor you can charge up to $100 for a 30 minute phone conversation or email consultation. However, for new Counselors with no reviews, we recommend setting a more competitive rate to start.

How do I get paid?

Payouts are made after every booking. Your Hi Counselor account gets credited with the booking amount. You can choose when to transfer your earnings from your Hi Counselor account to your bank account. If you have any questions, email us at team@hicounselor.com

Do I have to pay to be a Counselor? No. There is no membership fee or subscription fee to become or remain an active Counselor. To help cover overhead, Hi Counselor charges a 20% service fee on each engagement, but you will never be charged to be a member of our community.

Can I be a Counselor if I'm in the US on a work visa (ie: H1-B, etc…) ? Work visas are very specific and often restrict you from earning wages from any company other than your sponsoring company. Please consult an immigration attorney before signing up as an Counselor.

Can I become a Counselor if I'm not in HR? We're convinced that no matter your industry or role, you have some very valuable experience you can share and use to help our counselees land their dream job.