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Our smart AI Tool,

applies to 50 jobs automatically for you based on your skillset, work experience and career goals.

If you’re present in the US, you can automate your job application right away! Want to know how ?!

Join our waitlist to get early access to our Auto Application Tool Beta Test. We’ll email the access for tool to people on the waitlist in Chronological order.

Our smart AI Tool,


Join our waitlist to access our Auto Application Tool Beta Test early. We'll email the access for a tool to people on the waitlist in chronological order. The earlier you apply the faster you get the access.

Yes! You can apply to 50 job links for free!

This is for people who need a break from the broken, grueling, intimidating job search process so that everyone can achieve their career potential and get access to better economic opportunities.

We are rolling out the access in batches to get feedback from everyone so as to optimize as per your needs and make this tool available to the masses. This is a new product, so we're launching it slowly.

HiCounselor is a unique career accelerator that provides the coaching and resources job seekers and professionals need to land their next job. Our coaches and mentors are industry experts and employees from the most prominent companies and have helped numerous fellow professionals reach their career goals.

Simply put HiCounselor makes it a lot easier for companies to recruit and for professionals to land their dream job!