Data Scientist

Company: Zagg

Location: Midvale, UT 84047, United States

Posted on: September 23

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Manage the implementation of advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software, which will improve operational planning, collaboration and business performance through data informed processes.

  • Assess current state of APS integration and develop plans to close any data or process gaps.
  • Develop and own the project plan and execution of APS implementation.
  • Plan, configure and maintain system dashboards and process modeling, including data pipelines.
  • Develop and document standard operating procedure (SOP) for system users.
  • Develop core competencies and training plans to ensure company wide system adoption of APS.

Design and implement a master data management plan to support corporate strategy.

  • Create and execute a road map for the master data management plan.
  • Regularly report data management project status to company stakeholders.
  • Identify IT and data engineering requirements necessary to support data management and APS implementation.
  • Establish data monitoring and maintenance processes to ensure data integrity and system confidence.
  • Establish data governance policies.
  • Serve as a subject matter expert (SME) in supply chain management (SCM), driving improvement in current and future supply chain operations.
  • Identify areas in the supply chain that can be improved concurrently or preceding APS integration.
  • Promote forecasting and demand planning analytics to reduce forecast error and product obsolescence.
  • Support supply chain network analysis to minimize total cost of ownership while maintaining or improving customer service.


  • 10+ years as a SME in Supply Chain Management, Operations Research or similar roles
  • Experienced in Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and/or Data Science
  • Ability to interact and provide leadership across various functions and leadership levels
  • Project Management experience
  • Software / systems implementation experience

Job Type: Full-time

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