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The Evolvers Group

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Engineer

Company: The Evolvers Group

Location: Tallahassee, FL, United States

Posted on: June 23

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  • $109K - $137K a year is Indeed's estimated salary for this role in Tallahassee, FL.

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Responsible for developing and deploying integrated solutions aimed at modernizing, consolidating, and coordinating the independently designed applications within and across the enterprises. Determines how existing applications, legacy systems, databases, Web interfaces and/or hardware logic, which may be currently operating on multiple platforms, work together to meet the new and emerging enterprise requirements. Develops methods to efficiently reuse existing components. Works with users to gather business requirements, performs database analysis, codes and tests middleware routines to ensure successful and seamless communication among the various IT systems and applications components. Participates in component and data architecture design, software product evaluation and buy vs. build recommendations. Possesses skills and knowledge of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) methodologies and processes such as object-oriented programming, distributed, cross-platform program communication using message brokers with Common Object Request Broker Architecture, enterprise wide content and data distribution using common databases and data standards implemented with the Extensible Markup Language (XML), middleware applications and message queuing approaches.


  • Experience in application development and management of on-premise and cloud solutions;
  • Experience in managing teams engaged in operations of highly complex business systems, and understanding of the challenges of infrastructure operations, application, and data integration across disparate systems;
  • Ability to perform effectively under pressure, especially during a critical system outage;
  • Support project integration and end-to-end test cycles;
  • Document and transfer knowledge and develop capabilities of production support team; and
  • Serve as an integration developer for the project implementation team, ensuring that work meets enterprise standards and fulfills business requirements.


  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or other related field.
  • A minimum of 5 years of programming/systems analysis experience with emphasis in applications and systems architectural design and development, database, and middleware technologies.

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Posted 1 day ago

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