Sentara Healthcare

Sr Salesforce Developer

Company: Sentara Healthcare

Location: West Virginia - USA

Posted on: September 23

Software product development focus on developing multiple types/categories of software including end-user applications - enterprise data architecture and operating systems/utility software and tools - which provides a platform for running end-user applications for external customers. The work includes: Understanding the domain of the software problem and/or functionality - the interfaces between... hardware and software - and the overall software characteristics Using programming - scripting - and/or database languages to write the software code Supporting software test engineering - DevOps - deployment - maintenance - and evolution activities by correcting programming errors - responding to scope changes - and coding software enhancements Applying knowledge of software development best practices - including technical design specifications - coding standards - code reviews - source control management - build processes - testing - and operations. An Experienced Professional applies practical knowledge of job area typically obtained through advanced education and work experience. Responsibilities typically include: Works independently with general supervision. Problems faced are difficult but typically not complex. May influence others within the job area through explanation of facts - policies - and practices. Bachelors Level Degree
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