Ritter Insurance Marketing

Sr Front End Developer - Hiring Fast

Company: Ritter Insurance Marketing

Location: New York City - New York - USA

Posted on: September 23

We are looking for a competitive Sr Front End Developer to join our all-star team at Ritter Insurance Marketing in Harrisburg - PA.Growing your career as a Full Time Sr Front End Developer is an incredible opportunity to develop relevant skills.If you are strong in persuasion - leadership and have the right experience for the job - then apply for the position of Sr Front End Developer at Ritter... Insurance Marketing today!Job DescriptionRitter Insurance Marketing is looking for a Senior Frontend Developer that is responsible for the designing - testing - and modifying web applications - components - and digital media within a team environment. This position offers a hybrid work-from-home schedule upon completion of training.Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Utilize information regarding project scope - needs - limitations - capabilities - performance requirements - and interfaces to develop web applications - components - and digital media Coordinate with Lead Frontend Developer to analyze technical requirements to determine feasibility of design along with time and cost constraints Design - develop - and modify web development in accordance with outlined objectives Ensure high performing user interface and user experience for all web application users Assume responsibility for testing and modifying websites and digital media Modify and update existing web applications/components to correct errors - provide a better user experience - allow web applications/components to interface with new software - and/or to improve its performance. Develop and direct web application/component testing and documentation to ensure validity and compatibility across all browsers - devices - and/or operating systems. Participate in code reviews Recommend and implement improvements to existing web applications - components - and the entire user experience Assumes responsibility for understanding current and new web technologies Practice continuing education on web development - user experience - and other emerging technologies Engage with professionals through conferences - workshops - online blogs - newsletters - and other interaction to stay current with best practices and emerging practicesSkills / Requirements Minimum 2 years working with Javascript and education in Frontend Development. Understanding of source control (Experience with git and Github is a plus) Experience inside at least one of the big 4 front end frameworks: Angular - React - Ember - or Vuejs Strong understanding of HTML/CSS. (SCSS/LESS experience a plus) Thorough knowledge of the browser DOM and basic HTTP request/response lifecycle Experience with a modern bundler (rollupjs - webpack) Understanding of unit testing and use of a test runner/ framework (Karma/Jasmine - Jest) Strong sense of ownership for what you build Working knowledge of SEO best practices Working knowledge of the latest UI trends - techniques - and technologies Excellent team playerCompany Benefits: Excellent benefits Company offers career progression opportunities Attractive package
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