Insight Global

Data Analyst

Company: Insight Global

Location: Westfield Center, Ohio, United States

Posted on: August 16


o Perform data analysis, data profiling and data sourcing utilizing knowledge of data definitions, domain values, data relationships, business rules, data sources and the enterprise integrated data environment.
o Gather and document functional and non-functional data requirements.
o Analyze impacts of planned new application development or enhancements to existing applications on legacy and other relational data stores and the enterprise integrated data environment.
o Create conceptual, logical, and physical data models in support of requested changes.
o Load and manage reference data in partnership with business customers.
o Analyze and identifies data quality concerns or cleansing opportunities to correct data quality anomalies and facilitate resolution between technical, business, and other stakeholders.
o Ensure deliverables are compliant with Westfield’s data standards.


  • 5+ data analyst/designer (for specialty unit)
  • Communication is most important
  • Open to traveling
  • 1+ Guidewire experience
  • Create, update, and validate source to target mapping documents.


  • Insurance or Financial Acumen
  • Understand of Coverage/Policy data
  • Understanding of ISO and/or insurance regulatory reporting
  • (Side note: We could possibly position a role as a good opportunity for someone with a desire to develop into a Product Owner role if we have WF employees available and interested. Opportunities to help with maybe managing current state support while Shelly focuses more on goal state)