Data Scientist

Company: Fiserv

Location: San Jose, CA, United States

Posted on: August 09

(1) Work with managers and cross-functional product teams to create the prioritized list of data use cases and data challenges
(2) Conduct independent data analysis to gain full understanding of the data and identify the data issues to resolve
(3) Recommend statistical or machine learning methods to solve the data issues
(4) Process data from multiple data sources to create clean and normalized feature datasets
(5) Execute model training, hyperparameter tuning, feature selection, and performance evaluation;
(6) Develop innovative machine learning algorithms to solve complex classification problems
(7) Develop advanced deep learning algorithms for merchant data cleansing, data enrichment, image classification and text detection, and spend insight.

(1) A Master s or a Bachelor s degree in Math, Statistics, Data Science, Computer Science, or other related fields. Master s degree preferred
(1) Data processing of large datasets in Datawarehouse environment
(2) Data science in Python
(3) Developing machine learning models, including classification, clustering, unsupervised and supervised models
(4) Developing deep neural network model for natural language processing (NLP), including Name Entity Recognition (NER), RNN, LSTM, BERT and word embedding
(5) Feature engineering, hyperparameter tuning, and model training
(6) Data privacy and data governance rules and regulations