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Channel Factory

Data Analyst - Business Intelligence

Company: Channel Factory

Location: Palm Bay - Florida - USA

Posted on: November 23

Position: Data Analyst - Business Intelligence (Palm Bay) Description As the Data Analyst - you will play an integral role in tracking marketplace trends and be responsible for adjusting our business practices (i.e. pricing - forecasting - targeting approach) within the You Tube/Google ecosystem... You will be responsible for maintaining data models and reports in order to confidently - accurately - and creatively communicate best practices to internal teams. You will also work closely with client teams to forecast pricing and dig deep into campaign analysis - identifying trends - high/low performers - etc. to share insights with clients and with our internal teams to maximize performance. This role will also be tied to Product as any pricing and trend insights will need to be shared and updated in our technology. This person is ideally quick to anticipate changes - curious about trying and implementing new methods - and excited to work in an environment that continuously needs problem-solving as the digital landscape is constantly evolving driving deep understanding of the You Tube/Google ecosystem (and other developing digital media auction products) in both marketplace forecasting and content trends to help maximize the company s business goals. You will be responsible for building and maintaining data models and reports in order to confidently - accurately - and creatively communicate best practices to internal and external stakeholders - including C-Suite. As the digital media landscape is constantly evolving - you re quick to anticipate changes - curious about trying new methods - and excited to work in an environment with solving challenging business intelligence problems with solutions that will be leveraged across the company. Specifically Analysis Mining and managing complex data sets from Google Ads - ViewIQ (internal reporting tool) - and secondary (Industry resources) multiple sources - then reorganizing data in an easily readable format for clients and internal stakeholders/teams. Ability to interpret data sets and identify patterns and trends that can be valuable for forecasting efforts Creating - managing - and constantly updating benchmarks involving running multiple python scripts to transform data. Using the output of your models - build reports for Executive or C-Suite leadership management that effectively communicate trends - patterns - and predictions in a non-technical manner. Conduct testing to ensure data quality and measure the performance of data projects Strong time management skills with the ability to handle work to on tight deadlines and the gravitas of Executive client and Executive requests (such as Quarter - Semi-Annual - and Annual Biz Reviews for the top Global and US accounts) Actively read about - research - and interpret changes in trends in the digital video landscape - particularly You Tube/Google Ads - in order to guide and recommend changes in formulas and internal and external best practices Deep knowledge of pricing formulas and seasonality - outliers - and trends analysis Conduct price tests and use statistical methods to measure the performance of new pricing and trends initiatives Collaborate across teams - including Engineering - Product - and Sales - to identify opportunities for full-stack process improvements and help revise reporting requirements or standards develop policies - dashboards - data pipelines - and scalable ad-hoc reporting You should influence upstream data model design - drive aggregate definitions - and develop your own data solutions as needed Create documentation that allows teams to duplicate or replicate processes if necessary Requirements What you ve achieved 3+ years of analytical experience preferably in the digital advertising ecosystem. 3+ years of work experience in Python and core data science packages such as Pandas - Num Py - sci-kit-learn - Matplotlib - and Seaborn. Working knowledge and implementation of various machine learning algorithms such as regression algorithms (Linear - Decision Tree - Random Forest - KNN - Support Vector Machines) - and time-series algorithms (SARIMA - Prophet). High-level experience in schema design - relational databases (Big Query - Postgre SQL) - and database definitions. Experience in utilizing front-end reporting with Google Data Studio - Tableau - Power BI - etc. to relay insights to a non-technical audience. Experience initiating and driving projects to completion with minimal guidance Ability to use Microsoft Excel s VBA macros - pivot tables - formulas - and graphs Ability to analyze existing tools and databases and provide solution recommendations Salesforce experience is preferred Bachelor s Degree (or U.S. equivalent) in Economics - Statistics - Finance - Business - Information Systems - Data Science - Econometrics - Engineering - Computer Science - Mathematics - or related field). Traits you exhibit Communicator: Actively contribute and share findings across the organization - successfully tailoring communication style for both business and analytics to serve the most effective end goal Strong verbal and written storytelling and presentation