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Cambay Consulting LLC

virtual reality software engineer

Company: Cambay Consulting LLC

Location: Raleigh NC

Posted on: September 19

NC DHHS is seeking a highly motivated Virtual Agent (VA) Support lead with analytical skills to support AWS Lex implementations for chat bot support and automation.

The NC DHHS Application Portfolio Management Office (APMO) Enterprise Platform Services Group Virtual Agent (VA) Support Lead will provide advanced architect (lead technical expert) support and requires experience in systems development tools and techniques. The VA Support Lead will utilize both business process and information technology (IT) background to analyze and support business processes and determine automation opportunities. The individual will be a key player to support VA Solutions to automate business processes across various functions and support process efficiency and effectiveness using VA technologies from AWS Lex.

The VA Support Lead will work with the DHHS team to monitor and ensure success of existing VA solutions. The Support Lead will be responsible for supporting AWS Lex solutions to process workflows where needed.

Duties include:

Collaborate with business stakeholders, DHHS team members and IT colleagues on supporting and maintaining VA scripts in production. Aid in tracking system updates that will affect existing VA scripts and work towards pro-active solutions.

Support process owners for VA-related issues and monitor project progress after implementation. Assess and trouble-shoot VA scripts to create solutions in post-production when necessary.

Complete regular process reviews with DHHS team members for new developments and changes needed to existing processes including utterances when needed.

Support existing VA scripts within set controls and meeting all the compliance requirements.

Support implementation of best practices and other improvement initiatives with the goal of continuous improvement.

Aid in assessment on any process maintenance & time commitment for new requests by business stakeholders.

Support the DHHS team on any other project related deliverables.

The VA support Lead should have the following qualifications:

Understand the concepts, best practices, and functions to implement and support an AWS Lex VA solution.

Have a minimum of 2+ years experience with building virtual agent solutions using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Amazon Lex Virtual Agent.

Proficient with Cloud formation scripts and compiling in services mode.

Proficient with analytics/system metrics and Kibana Dashboard creation.

Proficient with Cognito, Translate, Comprehend, Elastic Search and S3.

Proficient knowledge of Node JS.

Proficient knowledge of HTML/CSS.

Proficient knowledge of Python Programming.

Proficient experience translating mockups and prototypes into working applications.

Nice to have experience with Conversational Design or UX background

Have an IT background with a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of business process with analytical and proactive problem-solving skills and a continuous improvement mind-set.

Be a Team Player, enthusiastic to understand complex business processes and perform under pressure.

Eager to learn, adopts and leverages fresh perspectives, breakthrough ideas, and new paradigms to create value for the organization.

Proven ability to work in a multi-disciplinary and fast-paced environment.

Some degree of exposure to a major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Detail oriented and ability to learn and work independently as well as in a team environment

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