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Anshul Dabas

Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, & Analytics Enthusiast | Driving Customer-Product Engagement Growth Across 1M Users

Xilinx 0.3 Yrs, TrustedCare Holdings, Inc. (Prof. Bruce Harmon) 0.5 Yrs, monocept 0.7 Yrs, 1.1 Yrs

University of Denver, USA Master of Science Data Science, NIT- Calicut, India Masters Computer Applications, University of Delhi, India Bachelor of Arts Mathematics & Economics

Data Scientist 00.06 Yrs, Machine Learning Engineer 00.00 Yrs, Data analyst 00.06 Yrs

SQL,  Python,  Machine Learning,  Data Analysis,  Predictive Modelling

Shashank Bharat Lnu

Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Operations Analyst| Applied deep learning to predict attrition with 95% accuracy

Wipro Limited 0.1 Yrs

California State University - East Bay Master of Science Business Analytics

Business Intelligence Analyst 00.00 Yrs, Data analyst 00.00 Yrs, Business Operations Analyst 00.00 Yrs

SQL,  python,  Tableau,  Data Analysis,  Data Visualizatio

Madhur Ingle

Business Analyst Enthusiast |Creating value from data using Python, Tableau

California State University Long beach 0.4 Yrs, California State University Long beach 0.8 Yrs, Indian Web Mart Pvt. Ltd 1.1 Yrs, Indian Web Mart Pvt. Ltd 0.7 Yrs

California State University, Long Beach Master of Science Information Systems

Business Analyst 00.00 Yrs, Data analyst 01.00 Yrs, Technical Business Analyst 00. Yrs

Tableau,  Tableau Prep Builder,  Power BI,  python,  SQL

Arup Kanti Dey

Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Computer Vision Engineer| Delivering 94% accuracy through Computer Vision Techniques

SCoRe Lab, University of South Florida 5.1 Yrs, BroTecs Technologies Ltd. 2.2 Yrs

University of South Florida Phd Computer Science, University of South Florida Master of Science (MS) Computer Science, Military Institute of Science and Technology Bachelor of Science (BSc) Computer Science and Engineering

Data Scientist 02.00 Yrs, Machine Learning Engineer 02.00 Yrs, Data & Machine Learning Scientist 02.00 Yrs

ython,  Machine Learning,  Java

Prachi Kharat

Data Analyst | Data Scientist | Business Intelligence Analyst Boosted sales by 20% by redesigning pricing packages | Reduced manual work by 40 hours

University of the Pacific 0.1 Yrs, University of the Pacific 0.4 Yrs, Happy Checkin 0.9 Yrs

University of the Pacific MS in Data Science , Mumbai University Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

Data analyst 00.09 Yrs, Data Analyst - Consumer Experience 00.00 Yrs, Product Analyst 00.00 Yrs

SQL queries,  Data Analysis,  Tableau,  Data Modeling,  Statistical analysi

Prateek Gaddigoudar

Software Engineer, Machine Learning and Computer Vision Enthusiast, C++, Python | Experience building ML/DL models and Automotive software in C

Biomedical Image Guidance Lab, CMU 0.6 Yrs, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions 2.0 Yrs, ECE Department, CMU 0.4 Yrs

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh Master of Science Electrical and Computer Engineering, B.V.B College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli Bachelor of Engineering Electronics and Communication

Software Engineer 02.00 Yrs, Machine Learning Engineer 00.05 Yrs, Software Development Engineer 00.00 Yrs

C,  C++,  python,  Machine Learning,  Computer Visio

Rachana Chittari

Machine Learning, NLP, Data Science, and Software Engineering | Developed and optimized UI for multiple applications and clients in the Healthcare and Telecom domains

Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd 1.2 Yrs, Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 0.8 Yrs

California State University, Fullerton Master of Science Computer Science

Machine Learning Engineer 00.00 Yrs, Software Developer 01.10 Yrs, Software Development Engineer 01.10 Yrs

ython,  Java,  Machine Learning,  SQL,  Tensor Flow

Rashmi Badadale

Machine Learning | Software Engineer | Data Science | AI Enthusiast | Artificial Intelligence | Translating ideas into actions

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 1.8 Yrs, Apigee Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 0.2 Yrs, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. 0.2 Yrs

State University of New York, Binghamton Master's Degree (MS) Computer Science, University of Pune Bachelor's (BE) Computer Science

Machine Learning Engineer 00.00 Yrs, Data Scientist 00.00 Yrs, Software Developer 02. Yrs

Data Structures,  Algorithms,  Machine Learning,  python,  DataScience