Youying Zhou

Business Analyst | Data Engineer | Full Stack Developer | Major in Business Analytics

LLUNA 0.3 Yrs , 0.7 Yrs , Symbior Solar 0.6 Yrs , Tesla 1.4 Yrs

Seattle University Master of Science Business Analytics

Business System Analyst 2.0 Yrs, Business Analyst 2.0 Yrs, Business Analyst - Data Science 2.0 Yrs

SQL,  Python,  Tableau,,  AWS

About Youying Zhou

Having worked with Data Analytics, Product and Website development for more than two years, I was convinced that Data is the currency of the future. Thus I decided to immerse myself into it fully. Come June of 2021 and I will have a MS degree in Business Analytics from Seattle University. I am always eager to learn everything that’s new and exciting. On a constant watchout for all things new in the world of technologies and ideas.

I have been one of the top performers as Delivery Advisory at Tesla, Shanghai. In my stint as a developer and an analyst, I have designed a reliable and robust email automation system and advanced Google Analytics dashboards. I also developed a fully functional internal website for project management, automated data extraction (ETL workflow) and visualization using ApexChart.js.

Total Work Experience: 3.0 Yrs

Domain Experience : Healthcare,Entertainment,Information Technology & Services,Renewable Energy,Automotive

Work Sponsorhip/Visa Required? : Yes, STEM OPT


  • SQL
  • Python
  • Tableau
  • AWS


  • Communication
  • Project Management
  • Customer Success
  • Relational
  • Non-Relational
  • MySQL,MS SQL Server,MongDB
  • git
  • Jupyter Notebook,Google Colab
  • API Design
  • Web Development
  • NA


  • Business System Analyst 2.0 Yrs
  • Business Analyst 2.0 Yrs
  • Business Analyst - Data Science 2.0 Yrs


Company Name: LLUNA

Job Title: Data Engineer and Developer Intern

Experience: 2021 Apr - 2021 Jun (0yr 3mos )

• Created interactive dashboards to provide insights for users with benchmarks.

• Developed API interactions to support integrations with other HR platforms and data warehouses.

• Identified and advised on new opportunities for tuning performance and increasing the overall platform simplicity for customers.

Company Name:

Job Title: Business Analyst Intern

Experience: 2020 Sep - 2021 Mar (0yr 7mos )

• Designed and implemented an email automation system using JavaScript, REST, and OAuth 2 to reduce the email bounce rate by 90% through the addition of an email verification step.

• Enhanced explanatory analysis on user behavior data using NoSQL and Python to detect 85% of irregularities in common activities including user registration.

• Delivered 30+ actionable insights to the leadership team by gathering and analyzing real-time data in Google Analytics.

• Performed data analysis, sanitization and integration using Python and pandas to create 20+ Tableau dashboards and track the success of transactional emails through performance metrics.

• Predicted the trend in click-through rate and conversions with 90% accuracy performing time series analysis.

Company Name: Symbior Solar

Job Title: Data Engineer Intern

Experience: 2020 Apr - 2020 Sep (0yr 6mos )

• Spearheaded a team of 3 to design and implement an automated data retrieval system parsing data from Excel/PDF files to AWS and Python which resulted in 90% reduction in the data input time.

• Created and maintained 20+ interactive dashboards using MySQL and to display key metrics for 8 countries which are used by key stakeholders.

• Wrote complex SQL queries using DDL and triggered them using AWS Lambda to automatically update project statuses on a recurring basis to ensure that users view the most up-to-date data.

• Validated 100+ datasets to improve data quality by 40% and built a data cleansing process to handle data quality issues.

• Developed an internal website to support senior managers with project status updates.

Company Name: Tesla

Job Title: Delivery Advisor

Experience: 2017 Mar - 2018 Jun (1yr 4mos )

• Delivered 300+ vehicles with a 96% customer satisfaction rate by effectively managing multiple pipelines in parallel and coordinating across various departments to promptly address delivery issues.

• Established strong relationships with 200+ customers and resolved conflicts using communication skills.

• Created 10+ customized Salesforce dashboards to monitor key performance and customer experience metrics.

Academic Projects

Title : Machine Learning Modeling for King County Prosecuting Attorney Office
Technology Used : Python, Machine Learning models

• Conducted data cleaning, transformation and explanatory analysis of 30K+ data points using Pandas, scikit-learn.

• Built 100+ machine learning models using logistic regression, decision trees, neutral networks, and Python to identify the determinant reasons behind defendant failure to appear and time to disposition.


, Business Analytics