Yashaswi Singh

Data Scientist | Python Developer | Data Visualization Expert

Times Internet 3.0 Yrs , Amundi Pioneer Asset Management 0.4 Yrs

Northeastern University Master of Science Information Systems, Lovely Professional University Bachelor of Technology Computer Science

Data Scientist 3.0 Yrs, Data Engineer 3.0 Yrs, Machine Learning Engineer 1.0 Yrs


About Yashaswi Singh

I have recently graduated from Northeastern University with an MS degree in Information Systems. My areas of specialization include Data Science, Data visualization and Machine Learning-- and I have over three years of experience of working in these domains. Always fascinated by the myriad possibilities Data packs in itself-- my constant endeavour is to unpack it to gain deep insight, and useful foresight.

Praised for my problem-solving aptitude and communication prowess, I am highly committed to producing quality statistical analyses within an ethical framework.

I am always eager to tackle challenges and explore new learning opportunities in Statistical Problems.
Things I am good at: Machine Learning |Data Visualization |Time Series Analysis |Exploratory Data Analysis |Neural Network and Deep Learning |Regression and Multivariate Analysis | Data Mining |Data Cleaning, Synthesis, and Preparation

Total Work Experience: 3.4 Yrs

Domain Experience : Information Technology,FinTech

Work Sponsorhip/Visa Required? : Yes, F-1 OPT


  • Python


  • SQL
  • Machine Learning/Deep Learning
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Azure
  • Snowflake
  • SQL
  • MongoDb/Elastic Search
  • PowerBI,Tableau,Apache Superset


  • Data Scientist 3.0 Yrs
  • Data Engineer 3.0 Yrs
  • Machine Learning Engineer 1.0 Yrs


Company Name: Times Internet

Job Title: Senior Associate - Analyst

Experience: 2016 Jan - 2018 Dec (3yrs 0mo )

• Led product ideation to launch Taskbucks and Databack, serving multiple stakeholders – corporations, marketing business partners. Partnered with cross-functional teams including UI/UX, product, marketing and testing to drive product discovery, developments and delivery of new mobile applications

• Identified performance bottlenecks in our product development strategies and provided recommendations to improve existing reporting model and system design

• Used clustering techniques to identify groups of states where our national underwriting models were underperforming and made improvements to increase their profitability by 5%

• Built a customer attrition random forest model that improved monthly retention by 10 basis points for customers who were likely to attrite by servicing relevant product features for them

• Established Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Objective and Key Results (OKR) by identifying persona, anti-persona, customer pain points and jobs to be done for each persona; developed product requirement document (PRD) to communicate and align key components of upcoming features and products to internal teams

• Gathered customer feedback from pilot deployment, and measured success metrics/KPIs of Net Promoter Score (NPS), Pageviews, Active Users, Customer Satisfaction and Usage Frequency

• Performed A/B tests to optimize usability and stylistic elements for 20+ pages of mobile applications like Taskbucks, Databack, Qureka and The Viral Shots in less than two months, experiencing 15% improvement in user retention across the applications

Company Name: Amundi Pioneer Asset Management

Job Title: Research Analyst Intern

Experience: 2020 Sep - 2020 Dec (0yr 4mos )

• Developed forecasting tools to analyze revenue variance, business pipeline and industry trends

• Work closely with product managers, senior client portfolio managers and research analysts to identify potential opportunities and threats to existing products

• Develop recommendations and presentations to senior management on investment acquisition, development and disposition opportunities

• Develops and maintains checklists for tracking periodic investment managers’ reviews by third party and independent investment manager searches

• Assisted in developing data driven strategies that match work demand and available supply in a cost-optimal manner

• Assisted with evaluation and presentation of financial performance, monthly and quarterly forecasting, scenario modeling and sensitivity analysis

• Developed budgets and strategic plans for day-to-day operations

Academic Projects

Title : The Book Hub - Web App

● Developed a book search and recommendations using Flask on 3 million Goodreads book datasets

● Implemented Singular Value Decomposition and TF-IDF Vectorizer using filtering model to recommend similar books

● Applied Cosine Similarity Search & Spotify Annoy to search books using titles, authors, year of publication and genres

Link :https://the-book-hub.herokuapp.com/

Title : Cdiscount’s Image Classification
Technology Used : Python, Streamlit, GCP

● Enhanced visual search algorithms, cosine similarity search, FAISS, Spotify Annoy using Elastic for similarity search

● Created a Spotify-Annoy for Bulk lookup by generating a json with k-similar images for each image

● Built a reference app using Streamlit. Used Cosine Similarity Search and FAISS for single lookup

Link : recommendation-algorithms.herokuapp.com


, Information Systems

, Computer Science