Rachana Chittari

Machine Learning, NLP, Data Science, and Software Engineering | Developed and optimized UI for multiple applications and clients in the Healthcare and Telecom domains

Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd 1.1 Yrs , Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 0.7 Yrs

California State University, Fullerton Master of Science Computer Science

Machine Learning Engineer 0-1 Yrs, Software Developer 01.00 Yrs, Software Development Engineer 01.10 Yrs,

ython,  Java,  Machine Learning,  SQL,  Tensor Flow

About Rachana Chittari

I developed an interest in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence while working with Accenture. This budding interest led me to the portals of California State University Fullerton where I decided to pursue my Master’s with a specialization in these two subjects.

I have experience of working as an Application Development Analyst for over 2 years. In that position, I refined and streamlined the UI for multiple applications.

I am always excited to take on real-world problems. In my graduate school, my final project was in NLP and I had a great time applying the ML models I’ve learnt to solve practical problems.

To destress myself, I like watching Thrillers. I enjoy gardening too. It teaches me patience. I also love to experiment with different kinds of cuisines.

I am looking for opportunities where I can put my enthusiasm and sound knowledge for Machine Learning to use.

Skills: algorithm development, machine learning, UI development

Total Work Experience: 01.10 Yrs

Domain Experience : Health care domain,Telecom domain

Work Sponsorhip/Visa Required? : Yes, H1B


  • python
  • Java
  • Machine Learning
  • SQL
  • Tensor Flow


  • Agile Development
  • Microsoft Excel
  • HTML5
  • python,Tensor Flow,SQL,Scikit-learn,Pandas,Numpy,NLTK,Java,Pega
  • Windows,MacOs,Linux
  • Git,Github
  • Microsoft Excel


  • Machine Learning Engineer 0-1 Yrs
  • Software Developer 01.00 Yrs
  • Software Development Engineer 01.10 Yrs


Company Name: Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Job Title: Application Development Analyst

Experience: 2017 Jul - 2018 Aug (1yr 1mo )

• Developed an application for maintaining Google server locations using Pega, which improved the performance of Google searches by 18 %

• Created application components such as ruleset, class, property, activities, decision tree, flow, flow actions, and validation rules for the Agent Dispatch application

• Tested application performance to identify and resolve potential bottlenecks

• Operated in Agile environments focused on iterative releases and integration of user feedback

Company Name: Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Job Title: Application Development Associate

Experience: 2016 Nov - 2017 Jun (0yr 7mos )

• Created project artifacts and release notes for production deployments

• Developed sections, flow actions, and portal rules using Pega

• Debugged health insurance application issues using the Pega Tracer and Clipboard

Academic Projects

Title : Quora Insincere Questions Classification
Technology Used : Python, PyTorch, Pandas, Sci-kit Learn, NLTK, NumPy

•Trained classic ML models such as Logistic Regression & SVMs to establish baseline performance

•Developed a bidirectional LSTM based architecture for text classification

•Final model achieved a classification accuracy of 96 % and F1-score of 0.64 on the test dataset

Title : Cafeteria Ordering System (SRS)
Technology Used : Visual Paradigm, Requirements Analysis, Class Modeling

•Cataloged detailed system requirements and the required definitions for software implementation

• Defined use cases, dependencies, functional and non-functional requirements; designed class analysis models and sequence diagrams for efficient software development

Title : Breast Cancer Prediction
Technology Used : Python, Pandas, NumPy, scikit-learn

• Trained classification models such as SVM and KNN on the Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Diagnostic) dataset

• The best SVM model obtained a classification accuracy of 94% on the test dataset

Title : Library Management System
Technology Used : Java, MySQL

• Developed an application to manage the asset collection and user membership details for a library

• Maintained a database to catalog books and track member activity


, Computer Science