Pranav B Ganore

Software Engineer |Web Developer| MS in Computer Science |SDE | WEB | BACKEND | JAVA | STS | FULL STACK

Sparksoft Corp 0.6 Yrs , WebFirst Inc 0.4 Yrs , Tech Mahindra Ltd 1.5 Yrs , Vertex IT Services 1.0 Yrs

University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) Master of Science Computer Science, University of Pune Bachelor of Engineering Computer Engineering, Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) Diploma Computer Technology

Software Development Engineer 01.03 Yrs, Backend Developer 00.06 Yrs, Web Developer 00.09 Yrs

Java,  Spring Tool Suite,  Spring Boot,  Software Development,  Web Development

About Pranav B Ganore

What do coders and artists have in common?
Creativity + Passion + Innovation? I’d say all three! (And a bit of madness too, but let’s skip that for now.)

These are also words that define me. I am a coder who sings or a singer who writes code. For me these are two sides of the same coin. Both demand creativity, innovation, and passion. From as long as I remember I have been crazy about two things: Indian Classical Music and Computers. I strongly recommend that you cultivate at least one, if not both, of these crazes. But let me warn you-- in both these areas, no matter however much you know, you will always feel you never know enough. There is just so much to learn. SO. MUCH.

Like most kids, I was first drawn to computers through gaming. I was so fascinated with the virtual world that I inhabited through the games, that I decided to learn to create some of my own. It was then that I learnt about practically limitless possibilities that these wonderful machines offer. Through software programming, I started nurturing my creative instinct.

Two years of professional experience as a Software Engineer and a Web Developer with a recent Master’s degree in Computer Science looking for a challenging full-time position as a Software Developer. I’m looking for a role where I can use code to enhance people's lives and drive business outcomes.

I work collaboratively. I’m fiercely loyal to my clients and my team – I have your back. I’m energetic. I have technical acumen. I get results.

Success is ultimately measured by numbers, a lesson I learned early in my career. If our current direction isn’t working, I’m the first to lead a pivot towards a new opportunity.

Plans are great – until they aren’t – and then I innovate.

Total Work Experience: 02.07 Yrs

Domain Experience : IT,Healthcare,software,IT Consulting,IT services,product based

Work Sponsorhip/Visa Required? : Yes, Currently on 1st year OPT , Applied for STEM OPT Extension


  • Java
  • Spring Tool Suite
  • Spring Boot
  • Software Development
  • Web Development


  • Communication Skills - English
  • Information and communication technology
  • Information and communication technology
  • Communication Skills - English
  • Python
  • Firebase
  • MySQL,Oracle DB,PostgreSQL
  • Firebase,Mongo DB,Cassandra,Hbase
  • Linux,Windows,MacOs
  • Git,Github
  • Maven,Docker
  • Web Services,REST Webservices
  • API Design and consumption,REST API
  • Web Development,Drupal 8,Full Stack Web Development
  • Android Development
  • Data Visualization


  • Software Development Engineer 01.03 Yrs
  • Backend Developer 00.06 Yrs
  • Web Developer 00.09 Yrs


Company Name: Sparksoft Corp

Job Title: Software Developer (PD-Intern)

Experience: 2020 Oct - 2021 Mar (0yr 6mos )

• Responsible for developing a consumer web portal for a backend ETL Data warehousing automation project using Spring suite.

• Created platform agnostic, dynamic SQL solutions on snowflake cloud platform for data modelling and thereby suiting the business needs.

• Developed shell scripting modules, which involved administration and managing of database and its objects within the snowflake data warehouse, directly from the Linux server.

• Performed data validation using SQL queries to maintain integrity across the databases in snowflake.

• Tech Stack: Java 11, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA

Company Name: WebFirst Inc

Job Title: Web Developer Intern

Experience: 2019 May - 2019 Aug (0yr 4mos )

• Developed an immersive Mobile Data Collection Platform in Drupal 8 as a part of a full stack web development project using an open-source tool – ODK.

• Designed custom modules in Drupal Backend to extend several functionalities as an improvisation to settled project plan.

• Automated the process of views generation dynamically to display data tables and views in relevant and intuitive formats. Designed and developed the frontend for the project using Drupal Theming, CSS and gulp. Successfully deployed web project on completion of the internship.

• Used custom entities over the default data types in Drupal allowing customers to easily create Data Collection forms and auto-integrate them with ODK Collect App while at the same time intuitively accessing the collected data, which Increased customer/end user satisfaction by more than 80%.

• Participated in Agile ceremonies: Sprint Planning, daily scrums, reviews and retrospectives.

• Tech Stack: Drupal 8, PHP, CSS, git, Jira, Docker, gulp

Company Name: Tech Mahindra Ltd

Job Title: Software Engineer

Experience: 2016 Aug - 2017 Dec (1yr 5mos )

• Worked as T1 support for ETL data warehousing project, which included monitoring of the scheduled jobs, analyzing and debugging the failures and creating scripts for data catchup activities. Collaborating with other teams to troubleshoot and fix application issues.

• Developed python scripts to generate automated alerts to avoid any potential SLA misses.

• Responsible for supporting the quarterly Linux upgradation maintenance during oracle database patching.

Company Name: Vertex IT Services

Job Title: Jr Software Intern

Experience: 2012 Aug - 2013 Jul (1yr 0mo )

• Created android app in direct collaboration with end-user customer.

• Led user-facing training sessions for doctors and support staff on new technology best practices while digitizing the entire traditional business workflow. Advertisement and expansions through social networking and other platforms.

• Tech Stack: Java, Android Studio, SQL Server 2005 and 2008, Apache Tomcat.

Academic Projects

Title : A Distributed System - Distributed Web-Services Framework
Technology Used : Java, Apache Axis 2, JAX-WS, Apache Tomcat.

- Deployed multiple web-services across a five-server distributed environment demonstrating service registry, resilience, load balancing & scalability.

- Designed Load Balancer mechanism for efficient service consumption and implemented Server Replication as a Disaster Recovery Mechanism.

- Created an easily scalable system able to handle deployment and removal of servers and web-services dynamically.

Title : Transit Ridership Android App & Analytics Web-Portal
Technology Used : Android (Java), Android Studio, Firebase Real time Database, NodeJS

- Automated the process of manual data logging for UMBC Transit, reducing the total time spent on manual logging by 90%.

- Recognized for designing and collaboratively developing a Real-Time smart logging Android app with an analytics web portal.


, Computer Science

, Computer Engineering

, Computer Technology