Prachi Kharat

Data Analyst | Data Scientist | Business Intelligence Analyst | Boosted sales by 20% by redesigning pricing packages | Reduced manual work by 40 hours

University of the Pacific 0.1 Yrs , University of the Pacific 0.4 Yrs , Happy Checkin 0.9 Yrs

University of the Pacific MS in Data Science , Mumbai University Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

Data analyst 00.09 Yrs, Data Analyst - Consumer Experience 0-1 Yrs, Product Analyst 0-1 Yrs,

SQL queries,  Data Analysis,  Tableau,  Data Modeling,  Statistical analysi

About Prachi Kharat

I realized I had a knack for Data Analysis while pursuing a BE in Computer Science. I created a movie recommender system that was highly accurate and ultimately led to my Master's degree in Data Science.

Working as a Sales & Web Analyst has allowed me to further hone my ability to analyze and model raw data, which also helps me provide valuable input as a Stakeholder Consultant. I love being able to share this technical knowledge in easy and simple enough ways to provide clarity to those unfamiliar with the technical side of things. In this way, I have also been able make the process of dissemination more efficient.

During my internship, I increased the accuracy of the existing system by 30% by creating a tableau dashboard for visualizing room capacity and classroom scheduling. I also helped reduce manual work by 40 hours by automating the weekly/monthly report development. I helped increase sales by 20% by designing pricing packages based on past clients and competitive analysis. I look forward to a career where I can help make things more efficient and productive for the teams of which I am a part.

On a personal note, I like reading books, graphic novels and watching anime. Self-help books like Who Will Cry When You Die by Robin Sharma have helped me focus on my communication skills and overall growth. I love exploring different cuisines and can often be found trying out new dishes at various eateries.

Total Work Experience: 01.02 Yrs

Domain Experience : Education domain,Travel domain

Work Sponsorhip/Visa Required? : Yes, OPT, H1B


  • SQL queries
  • Data Analysis
  • Tableau
  • Data Modeling
  • Statistical analysis


  • Stakeholder consulations
  • MySQL,PostgreSQL
  • Redis,MongoDB,Cassandra
  • Tableau,Power BI


  • Data analyst 00.09 Yrs
  • Data Analyst - Consumer Experience 0-1 Yrs
  • Product Analyst 0-1 Yrs


Company Name: University of the Pacific

Job Title: Data Analyst

Experience: 2021 Aug - Present

Developing Dashboard for Program Directors for visualizing all the student data and progress.

Automating the manual updating method in the following dashboard.

Company Name: University of the Pacific

Job Title: Data Science Intern

Experience: 2021 Jan - 2021 Apr (0yr 4mos )

•Automated periodic weekly/monthly cohort report developments, reducing 40 hours of manual work

•Acted as a liaison and coordinated business requirements and data collection between multiple stakeholders

•Successfully carried data validation and integrated data from multiple data sources into one system

•Established a data dictionary for multiple database tables and CSV files for future documenting efforts

•Built Dashboard for visualizing room capacity and scheduling, which increased accuracy by 30%

Company Name: Happy Checkin

Job Title: Sales and Web Analyst

Experience: 2018 Oct - 2019 Jun (0yr 9mos )

•Designed pricing of packages based on past clients, which increased sales by 20%

•Launched new product package for customers by analysing data with functions in Excel and SQL

•Analysed traffic and added website optimization, which brought average bounce rate under 25%

•Conducted A/B testing to website architecture initiatives, such as increasing conversion rate on website

•Communicated insights accurately to clients with reports, graphs, and dashboards in Tableau

Academic Projects

Title : E-commerce Product Pricing Elasticity of Demand Analysis
Technology Used : Python

•Analysed Merchant Ad impressions by weeks and months through a year to detect pricing outliers

•Built model to calculate demand sensitivity due to price change of the products

•Applied machine learning and analysed change in demand target product against competitor’s prices

Title : Customer Retention Analysis and Lifetime Value Calculation
Technology Used : Python

•Employed Kaplan-Meier estimator and log-rank test to study churn probability of 15 groups

•Utilized Cox Proportional Hazard model to perform survival regression analysis on dataset

•Constructed model that can calculate tenure curve, hazard curve, and Lifetime value for digital customer

Title : Instacart Market Basket Analysis

•Studied 3 million orders of more than 200,000 users and performed customer segmentation

•Extracted 30+ new features from orders and performed affinity analysis to study purchase trends

•Structured model to predict which previously purchased item will be in user’s next order with 0.83 AUC