Pallabi Chakraborty

Database Programmer | Ex- Technology Lead with 8 years’ experience

Quintiles Technologies India Pvt. Ltd 4.6 Yrs , Infosys Ltd. 3.8 Yrs , NYU Tandon School of Engineering 0.4 Yrs , Rooster Consulting 0.9 Yrs , insITe 0.8 Yrs

New York University Master of Science Computer Science, Visvesvaraya Technological University Bachelor of Engineering Information Technology

Data Engineer 0.0 Yrs, Database Programmer 8.0 Yrs, Data analyst 1.0 Yrs

Oracle PL/SQL,  Oracle SQL,  Pytho

About Pallabi Chakraborty

I am happy when I am writing code. I am happier still when the code works. And happiest when the code transforms into an innovative solution. Trust me when I say this: I am transported to a different place when I write code and I can do it tirelessly (so long as I have some Doritos to munch on by my side). Of course nothing comes easy. There is frustration now and then, but the key lies in not giving up (and perhaps a bit of Googling). My experience has taught me no problem is beyond a solution, even if the solution is hidden behind multiple failed attempts.

Data gives me my share of dopamine. It makes me tick. Give me data and I will start figuring out patterns, marking outliers-- in short joining the dots to reveal the whole picture. Data speaks to me like none other. I am here to decipher the cryptic language of data for those who don’t understand it. Get in touch if you want me to tell you the story the data is trying to tell.

I have more than eight years of experience in developing database and ETL programs. I have led a team of developers working on both backend development and front-end management.
Specialities: Databases DB2, Oracle PL/SQL, Python, Tableau Academics: AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning Domains worked on: Clinical Research, Indian Taxation System

Total Work Experience: 8.0 Yrs

Domain Experience : Clinical Research,Taxation (India)

Work Sponsorhip/Visa Required? : No


  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • Oracle SQL
  • Python


  • NodeJs
  • GCP or AWS
  • Oracle,DB2
  • HBase,Cassandra
  • React Js
  • Tableau


  • Data Engineer 0.0 Yrs
  • Database Programmer 8.0 Yrs
  • Data analyst 1.0 Yrs


Company Name: Quintiles Technologies India Pvt. Ltd

Job Title: Database Programmer/Analyst

Experience: 2007 Jul - 2011 Dec (4yrs 6mos )

• Worked on Automation of the customer survey module, process compliance module, project review dashboard for the projects being handled by Operations team, using Oracle Application Express; which was earlier being. done using excel sheets. This resulted in improving the efficiency by almost 75%.

• Worked on Cognos Reporting Studio to generate data tracking reports using patient data. This data is used by clinical research associates to verify the efficacy of the drug under clinical trials.

• Worked on generating SAS reports and SAS datasets for the usage of the SAS statisticians to generate reports for the safety of the medicines being used in clinical trials.

• Worked on Data validation procedures to determine the data consistency of the patient data being collected in clinical trials, which are submitted, to FDA for approval of the drugs.

• Created front-end screens to be used in the front-end screens of clinical trials using Oracle’s Inform Architect and Central Designer. Created and tested front-end data validation checks.

• Awarded Star Programmer of Year in Quintiles for delivering deliverables with minimal defect ratio.

Company Name: Infosys Ltd.

Job Title: Technology Lead

Experience: 2011 Dec - 2015 Jul (3yrs 8mos )

• Led a team of 6 developers to implement Big Data System used to distribute compensations to. the farmers by Government of India. The system authenticates beneficiaries and field users using biometrics.

• The system in production uses Apache HBase database hosted on 32 node Hadoop Cluster as the data store. This resulted in significant increase i n security for the system prone to identity theft.

• For Proof of Concept, installed 4 node Hadoop Ecosystem with Apache HBase, Pig and Phoenix on a test server. Apache Hive configured using MySQL database.

• Evaluated Hortonworks, Cloudera as well offerings from IBM and Teradata as an exercise to choose the distribution for production deployment.

• Implemented MapReduce Jobs for highly data intensive jobs to save on the conversion time when using higher complexity Hadoop Ecosystem members.

• Led a team of 7 developers to create automated SLA system provides near to real time SLA information and alerts i n case of SLA breaches to be used by the operations team using I BM DB2, reducing SLA reporting from days to an hour.

• Led a team of 4 developers to build an in-house accounting system which would retrieve the taxation data for the tax payments of employed citizens of India, 25 million citizens. This implementation performs the accounting of the direct taxes paid by the Indian employed population using IBM DB2.

• Worked on high volume data migration, which ranged up to 3 billion records for the bigger sources. The migration activity done to migrate data from an Oracle 10g database to I BM DB2 database.

• Worked on development of the Processing Module, which traverses through at l east 500 million records at a given point of time and generates data to be used for the tax filing by the Indian taxpayers.

• Awarded Technology Lead of the Month i n Infosys for effectively managing the deliverables along with grooming the team to be able to work effectively as well as grow to the next levels.

Company Name: NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Job Title: Graduate Assistant – Computer Security

Experience: 2016 Sep - 2016 Dec (0yr 4mos )

• Tutored students with basic concepts of computer security and assisted the professor with grading and planning homework.

• Researched computer security topics to create presentations and activities for 100 undergraduate students.

Company Name: Rooster Consulting

Job Title: Intern

Experience: 2017 May - 2018 Jan (0yr 9mos )

• Created front-end webpage for placement of consultants and integrated with the back-end utilizing HTML, JSReact and Javascript.

Company Name: insITe

Job Title: Backend and Reporting Intern

Experience: 2019 Nov - 2020 Jun (0yr 8mos )

• Architected and created new databases for migration which included implementation of new data loads and a migration from a denormalized database to a normalized reporting database structure, improving efficiency by 25%. Created algorithm to synchronize the production database to the reporting server hourly.

• Created reconciliation scripts to facilitate troubleshooting of the migration issues, reducing manual testing.

• Setup development and production instances for ReportServer and created reports which can be used by the decision makers using the entered data by the operations teams.

Academic Projects

Title : Data Analysis - Yelp 2016 challenge dataset
Technology Used : Apache Spark, Java

• This project involved analysis of Yelp data using Yelp 2016 challenge dataset:

This project involved emerging with trends and conclusions using the data available

Title : Human Recognition in Images – Computer Vision and Scene Analysis
Technology Used : Java

• Recognizing human using Histogram Oriented Gradients (HoG). Error correcting classifier used to classify the feature descriptors obtained from HoG to train system with positive and negative training samples. Test samples classified to about 80% accuracy.

Title : Search Engine
Technology Used : Java

• Created a search engine on the lines of the original Google Search Engine PHD paper


, Computer Science

, Information Technology