Gaurav Malik

CrowdDoing 0.1 Yrs , Colgate-Palmolive 0.3 Yrs , SS Grid Udyog 3.3 Yrs , Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited 1.10 Yrs

Washington University in St. Louis Olin Business School Master's Science in Business Analytics Customer Analytics, Washington University in St. Louis Olin Business School Master of Business Administration , National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra Bachelor of Technology Mechanical Engineering

Data Scientist 3.6 Yrs, Business Analyst - Data Science 3.6 Yrs, Product Marketing Manager 2.0 Yrs

Python,  R programming,  Digital Marketing,  Data Analysis,  DataScience

Total Work Experience: 5.3 Yrs

Domain Experience : Retail domain,FMCG,CPG,Engineering and construction domain

Work Sponsorhip/Visa Required? : Yes, STEM OPT


  • Python
  • R programming
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Analysis
  • DataScience


  • Relational Databases
  • Data Visualization


  • Data Scientist 3.6 Yrs
  • Business Analyst - Data Science 3.6 Yrs
  • Product Marketing Manager 2.0 Yrs


Company Name: CrowdDoing

Job Title: Data Scientist

Experience: 2021 May - 2021 May (0yr 1mo )

• Performed Sentiment analysis on customer reviews.

• Analyzed Amazon customer reviews to identify key ingredients in products that customers perceived have health benefits.

• Spearheaded data science roadmap for the project and AB test for the shortlisted products.

Company Name: Colgate-Palmolive

Job Title: Brand Marketing Summer MBA Intern

Experience: 2020 Jun - 2020 Aug (0yr 3mos )

• Developed framework for audience building and optimizing the customer journey for 5 million eCommerce customers.

• Partnered with the data engineering team and brand teams to segment customers and create a lead scoring model utilizing data from technology across multiple platforms.

• Analyzed shopper’s data and insights from Neilson and Amazon to designed A/B experiment and provide pre-/post-analysis to report the impact of email marketing and paid search.

• Performed market basket analysis to understand customers' purchasing behavior. Uncovered and recommended novel product bundling opportunities and promotions for in-store customers.

Company Name: SS Grid Udyog

Job Title: Data Scientist

Experience: 2015 Apr - 2018 Jun (3yrs 3mos )

• Formulated an analytics framework to track and optimize marketing funnel performance.

• Built predictive model to perform customer segmentation. Developed dynamic pricing model to boost profit margin by 30%.

• Drove the target setting and campaign forecasting process to model marketing contribution goals to the business and partnered with marketing teams to devise marketing roadmap to boost revenue by $1M within 1 year.

• Engineered an analytics process and determined KPIs to analyze and support sales team performance. Built automated dashboards, reports, and models to help sales teams stimulate growth of 15% in sales within two months.

• Developed predictive model based on 300 customers' data to forecast customer demand. Optimized inventory and operations to save $100,000.

Company Name: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

Job Title: Marketing Manager

Experience: 2013 Jul - 2015 Apr (1yr 10mos )

• Spearheaded go-to-market strategy and pricing for product launch. Evaluated 12 market segments and prioritized four based on business case. Generated $12M in revenue in the first year. Gained 30% market share within three years.

• Orchestrated multi-channel marketing to facilitate demand generation and directed 15 sales executives to solicit 1,000 customers generating $48M in revenue.

• Analyzed customer sales data of 337 retail outlets and executed market research to identify market opportunities, built business case, and define product roadmap and strategy for new loyalty program, DriveTrack plus.

• Designed multi-channel marketing strategy for a new product launch; collaborated with cross-functional teams to drive product adoption and awareness among key corporate accounts adding $15M in revenue.

• Achieved customer retention rate 85% compared to 60% industry benchmark.

• Conceived forecasting model for non-fuel business, collaborating with cross-functional teams.

• Conceptualized vendor outreach strategy and forged partnerships with 30 vendors. Negotiated 50 new commissions adding $ 1M to revenue.

Academic Projects

Title : Schnucks Market, Inc: Loyalty Program
Technology Used : R, Python, SQL, tableau

• Owned and led industry analysis using data, insights, measurement, and data science to define key drivers of loyalty for 1.7 million in-store and eCommerce customers.

• Cleaned and assembled 120 weeks of purchase and promotion data for 1.7 million customers for modeling purposes.

• Created a predictive model to find loyal customers. Performed market basket analysis to understand loyal customers' purchasing behavior and optimize promotion and marketing for the client.

Title : Premier Charter School: Digital Marketing
Technology Used : SquareSpace, SEMRush, Google Analytics

• Created and delivered branding, positioning and messaging roadmaps to increase PCS’s brand awareness among new parents and donors.

• Designed website strategy statement to clearly define the role of new website in marketing PCS’s brand.

• Conducted focus group interview with customers to find gaps in the current website.

• Built strong relationships with PCS stakeholders to accelerate content development for the new website.

• Leveraged Square Space to deploy new website for the client.

Title : Emerson Electric: Marketing Analytics
Technology Used : Google Analytics, tableau

• Assessed Emerson's data utilization across different business units by conducting interviews with 30 Marketing and IT leaders.

• Formulated an analytics framework to identify approaches for best value creation (data-driven segmentation, customer lifetime value, cross-sell/up-sell, etc.)

• Standardized and prioritized key marketing performance indicators (KPIs) across Emerson's Commercial and Residential Solution Business ($6+ billion business unit). Devised framework to leverage key data inputs for KPIs and data gaps.

Title : Edward Jones: Digital Marketing
Technology Used : R, Python, SQL, Google Analytics, tableau

• Managed marketing and Data Science teams to formulate data-driven digital marketing strategies

• Leveraged SQL, Google impression data, Google Analytics, and Google Big Query to forge consumer engagement, acquisition, retention, and loyalty for 17000 Financial Advisors across the US

• Boosted Google's views by 45% within 6 months


, Customer Analytics

, Mechanical Engineering