Daniel Perez

Software Engineer

Ultimate Software 0.8 Yrs , Florida International University 1.5 Yrs , Florida International University 0.10 Yrs

Florida International University Master of Science Computer Science, Florida International University Bachelor of Science Computer Science, Miami Dade College Associate of Arts Animation

Software Engineer 0.8 Yrs, Software Engineer 0.8 Yrs, Software Engineer 0.8 Yrs

Java,  C#,  No SQL,  JavaScript,  Agile Development

About Daniel Perez

If I go back in time, I can recall that I have always been a person of ideas. As a child and as a student I was always brimming with questions-- sometimes to the point of annoying my parents and teachers with them. But I was always fascinated with possibilities. “What if…” has always been my favourite mantra. Over time I realised that I had a knack for problem solving. Whenever an idea germinated in my head, I would spend endless hours trying to give life to it. And in this quest for solving problems and inventing solutions, I found technology to be the most resourceful and reliable friend.

It was almost natural for me to opt for building a career in computer science. And now as a qualified Software Engineer, I have a huge appetite for new real-life challenges and designing effective and efficient solutions for them.

Total Work Experience: 3.0 Yrs

Domain Experience : HR Services,Education

Work Sponsorhip/Visa Required? : No


  • Java
  • C#
  • No SQL
  • JavaScript
  • Agile Development


  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Git
  • TeamCity
  • Postman
  • Unreal Engine


  • Software Engineer 0.8 Yrs
  • Software Engineer 0.8 Yrs
  • Software Engineer 0.8 Yrs


Company Name: Ultimate Software

Job Title: Software Engineer Intern

Experience: 2020 Jan - 2020 Aug (0yr 8mos )

• Collaborated with the Employee Pay team to ensure that all the customers employees, whose payrolls are run in UltiPro, get their checks and direct deposits done accurately and on-time.

• Added functionality to the payment service that allowed customers to give their employees different web access control for improved security and privacy.

• Corrected erroneous data in a MongoDB database by creating a migration using .NET Core and validated the correction by using RabbitMQ to trigger the event.

• Optimized a MongoDB query for finding payrolls by creating a new compound index and improved performance by around 70%.

• Implemented filter functionality for NOCs (Notification Of Change) in the Employee Pay page using Angular.

• Used agile software development methodologies, Scrum and Kanban, to speed the pace of development and Jira to keep track of the workflow and tasks assigned to me.

Company Name: Florida International University

Job Title: Research Assistant, Computer Science Education

Experience: 2018 Aug - 2019 Dec (1yr 5mos )

• Survey instrument development to measure interest, engagement, and self-efficacy of undergraduate computer science students (supported by state and national funding).

Company Name: Florida International University

Job Title: Learning Assistant, Software Engineering

Experience: 2017 Aug - 2018 May (0yr 10mos )

• Assisted students experiencing difficulty with advanced software engineering topics.

• Mentored students on Agile software development during their semester-long projects.

• Worked closely with the professor to ensure an equitable and effective learning environment for all students.

Academic Projects

Title : Hurricane FLARE
Technology Used : React, MongoDB, Unreal Engine, Docker, and NodeJS

A mobile/web application that allows users to input a Florida address to retrieve information on that locations storm surge zone, hurricane shelters, and pictures of past storms. The mobile version features an AR simulation which demonstrates how a specified category storm would affect a resident’s home.

Title : Course Checker
Technology Used : Python, Elasticsearch, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

A web application for FIU students that allows them to search for available courses by interacting with their degree flowchart. Course Checker reduces the time students spend on searching for courses by allowing them to search for multiple courses at once and by displaying course availability on the flowchart.

Title : Alchemist Escape
Technology Used : Unreal Engine and C++

An “escape room” themed Virtual Reality game designed to increase Computer Science (CS) interest and awareness, in an attempt to decrease the diversity gap in CS.


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