Intensive PM Interview Prep

Five sessions to go over everything you need to land your dream PM job. Over the five classes we'll go over everything you need to know to go into your PM interview with confidence. This class includes in and out of class exercises, mock interviews, and included resources.

- Session One [30 Minutes] We'll cover your unique situation, create a custom prep plan, and identify where to effectively invest your time over the next 4 sessions.
- Session Two [60 Minutes] We'll dive right in with a mock interview. We'll spend some time critiquing and reviewing your answers to identify areas to improve. We'll adjust your prep plan to better fit your needs.
- Session Three [60 Minutes] We'll go over what's been working and what hasn't while you've been preparing. From there, we'll do another round of mock interviews to measure your progress.
- Session Four [60 Minutes] You're final interview! We'll treat this as a full on interview tailored to the company of your choice. After the interview you'll receive written feedback.
- Session Five [30 Minutes] Before your onsite we'll meet to talk through some of the key things to remember.

Course Duration:- 4 Hours     Course Price:- $450
Austin C Wells Product Manager

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